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Broke the first use

It literally broke In half the first use

I was disappointed

I was so excited the first stick worked amazing but when I went to use it thw 2nd time it broke, if it was just the tip wouldnt have been a big deal but a 1/3 of it broke off. replacement was sent right away but I was so disappointed, I had to wait 3 more days to get it!!

Does help tighten, however...

This review is real. By a real person who was not paid or prompted with a free product.

This does definitely help tighten, and my boyfriend can tell the difference from when I use this, and when I don't.

I took a star off because it does cause a bit of sensation loss, but not to the point where it makes sex less pleasurable or where I'm unable to reach a climax. It also tends to make me a little dry- but I just use a bit of organic coconut oil to moisturize.

I do also need to keep it in for longer than 30 seconds to get the tightening effect. But ive been using the stick at least 3-4 times a week and have had no issues with irritation or yeast, and my lady bits are rather sensitive and prone to irritation. Would recommend.

This product actually *Works*. I never write reviews, but it truly works!

I have a vaginally prolapse and have tried all kinds of things to help. I was amazed to see how well this product actually worked and almost immediately within just 20 minutes!

Excellent results

This definitely works with relieving various female issues. The main one I’m most grateful for is eliminated incontinence.

It works, but...

I just got my second stick because it really does work. However, this one came broken but one peice is still large enough to use until I get another one. You’ll love it, follow instructions.

It works, hunny!

I'm in my early 50s and my bf is 4 years younger than I am. Repeat after me: second virginhood. His description is: "it feels young down there." Lol (God bless him) lol.

Hey ladies, get herrrr!

This thing truly works like a charm! I’ve recommended it to some girl friends who have had children as well as my sister! Love this thing. Detoxifies and you can instantly feel cleaner.

Ok edit: after second use, I rinsed and while I was patting dry, before going to put it back in the little bottle thing, it just broke in half. Not so happy about that.

THIS WORKS!! I was so skeptical at first

I hardly ever write reviews unless something actually works!

This stuff SURPRISED me! I swear I was so skeptical. My husband and I have been together for over 10 years, we have 3 kids and he didn’t say anything but I could tell things were not the same!

I got in the shower washed my body, and then got the “stick” wet and set a timer for 60 seconds thinking it wasn’t going to work, welll my husband instantly noticed. I could tell the difference as well.

I’m thinking 30 seconds is good if you are looking for a slighter tightness, and 60 seconds if you really want it TIIIGHT! I wouldn’t use any longer than 60 seconds. & you will notice the difference while your twisting it around and then start twisting the other way. (I know this may be too much to say but I love reading real reviews from real people, who can tell me exactly what they did in order to achieve real results!) After getting out of the shower and using this from 60 seconds, I did not immediately start having sex, I waited at least 10 minutes. Get foreplay going or whatever you do. It felt like the first time we had had sex… over 10 years ago!

Long story short, I promise you will not regret buying! It works!

This wand will definitely have you tight as a drum

Not to be too graphic, but this wand will definitely have you tight as a drum. It’s a little hard for me to rotate inside because it gets dry very quickly. I would abstain from any sex for at least an hour or so even tho it works immediately. Only because you will want to rinse some of the residue off and let it settle in. It’s very drying so a lubricant may be needed. It last for a few days so you only need to use it once or twice a week. So far I’ve only been able to rotate for the 30 secs before it gets dry and a little painful to turn. Maybe I need to let the wand stay under the warm water a little longer before hand. It’s definitely worth the buy considering it’s inexpensive and it works

I told all the woman in my life about this product

I was told about a yoni wand, which is not this product’s name, but fit the description, so I gave this a try. I’m very sensitive down there and be scared to put anything else besides you know what up there, and I’m not talking tampon. It didn’t knock off my ph, my partner loves this because, (I hope he don’t see this review). But he’s on the small side and I’m already tight, but him being that size with being wet yea sometimes the feeling during sex disappear, but this thing damn near closed it and I can feel him the whole 5 minutes. Now my sisters use this product too and was like OMG! Their man loves it as well. I done bought this twice so far. It’s about time for another one.

Amazing! I would recommend any woman who has kids to use it

This product has been amazing!! Of course never any complaints even before this from my husband! I got this to be different idk however let me tell you as a 38 year old woman 4 kids hysterectomy etc this things magic!!!

Not that I was loose nope but who doesn’t think hmmm could be tighter always right! But this stuff has HELPED ME ORGASM QUICKER AND FASTER THAN EVER!!! I think it’s because it’s bringing my muscles to a place I can control them better and WOW!!! Buy it !!

This stuff REALLY works.. a little too much.

Nothing else has ever worked as good as this does, not even kegels have given me these types of results. I’ve tried some other gels and products from amazon or other stores that did nothing despite having good reviews, but this…. this tightens me up so much I cannot believe it. I went from not even being able to feel penetration to now not being able to fit the tip of my finger inside. My walls are sealed shut now and it’s been over a day, I’m tight as can be, it’s literally unbelievable. I was too tight to even have sex with my boyfriend, he was shocked at how tight I am. Next time I use this I will do it for a shorter period of time because it works so well it might work too much. But it really does work.

Happiness all around

My husband loves this product! Works fast and lasts a while . I like that you can “adjust “ the level of tightness.! Happiness all around .

it does help

Okay, I was thinking it would be another scam but decided to try it and it does help but definitely dries you out. But that's what lube is for lol!

I can't believe it's working

I bought this product first time. I can't believe it's working. Definitely you can see difference right away

The product has all kinds of natural vitamins and plants

I use not so much for the tightening but to keep things healthy. The product has all kinds of natural vitamins and plants and is supposed to help keep things healthy down below. It is easy to apply and works well.

Sex just got even better

Sex just got even better

It made it feel new again

I liked it because it made it feel new again hubby arrived quick.

My fiancé can’t stay outta me now!

Ladies this product works great! I am still tight and wet. I thought this would dry me out from the reviews I’ve read but my fiancé can’t stay outta me now!

Definitely did what it said it would! Amazing!

Definitely did what it said it would! Amazing!

So Happy I tried this product

The instructions were very easy to follow.
Could feel it almost instantly after my first time.
I would recommend this to my friends.
So happy I tried this product!

It works

It works pretty good. I was very skeptical about any of the products like this, but all doubts are now gone! I will add that you should follow instructions, if left in to long… it will close you up. Like no lovey dovey!! But over all I’m very impressed as well as my partner was too! 5stars!!

It changed my sex life

It had changed me and my sex life. Changed my confidence,, sexy, very sure of myself. Left him wanting more. Hearing him say omg ur so tight is very sexy and makes this wand magical. Makes doing regular kegels easier

I will be continuing to purchase

I used this for 2min, and within 2 hours I could already feel the tightness. My boyfriend says he felt a huge difference AND I could FEEL everything! I'm IMPRESSED!! There was no burning while using it or after. I also had no trouble getting wet. I will say, it feels a bit weird while inserting but it was well worth it! I will be continuing to purchase